Savory Lentils


SourceKristina McFeeters
Prep time
30 minutes
Cooking time
2 hours
Total time
2 hours, 30 minutes


Lentils provide a filling meal, without spending a lot of money. It takes a little while to simmer, so make them on a day you need to be around the house anyway, as you will need to stir them every 15 or 20 minutes to keep them from burning. They will fill your house with delightful smells, and any extras that you make will freeze beautifully.

If you have a hard time digesting lentils, try soaking them for 24 hours and sprouting them another 24 hours (only need little sprouts on them). If you don't want to cook them right away, you can freeze the uncooked sprouted lentils and thaw them quickly by rinsing in hot water just before cooking. Enjoy!


1 c
dry lentils (OR 2 cups soaked or sprouted lentils)
2 c
onion (chopped OR 4 T. dehydrated minced onion)
1 can
diced tomatoes (OR canned whole tomatoes, chopped)
carrots (sliced, opt. Can use any other vegetable instead.)
garlic cloves (OR 2 t. minced garlic OR 3/4 t. garlic powder)
bay leaf
1 t
sweet basil
1⁄2 t
1 t


BRING to boil in a saucepan.

SIMMER on lowest setting for 2 hours until lentils are soft, stirring occasionally. (If already soaked or sprouted, cooking time may be decreased.)

ADD more water if needed. If too much liquid, add a couple tablespoons of tomato paste.

REMOVE bay leaf and season to taste.

SERVE plain, with salad, over rice, or serve them Middle Eastern style with pita pockets.