Strawberry Sauce

Source: Kristina McFeeters
Prep time: 10 minutesCooking time: 8 minutesTotal time: 18 minutes


Strawberry SauceStrawberry sauce is one of our favorites--mainly because there's a strawberry farm near us and we freeze lots of strawberries to eat all winter long. However, you are not limited to strawberries! I have used this recipe for other berries, (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.) and have even used other canned, frozen, or fresh fruits such as peaches, pears, apricots, cherries, prunes, etc. Adjust the sweetener to your taste, use your favorite juice and your favorite fruit, and you'll have an amazing topping for toast, waffles, hot cereal, or whatever you want it on! It thickens as it chills, so don't be surprised if your leftovers turn into a nice thick jam the next day! Enjoy your meal!


2 c
apple juice (or any other kind of fruit juice.)
4 T
cornstarch (OR arrowroot powder)
4 T
1 qt
strawberries (or any other fruit--fresh, canned, or frozen)
1 t
lemon juice
1 t
vanilla (opt.)
1 T
sweetener (opt. only needed if fruit is tart)
1 pinch


BRING juice to a boil.

MIX cornstarch with water in measuring cup and add to the boiling juice, stirring quickly with a wisk.

COOK until thick, stirring constantly--about 2 minutes.

ADD fruit and remaining ingredients.

STIR together until frozen fruit is thawed.

SERVE over pancakes, waffles, toast, or hot cereal.



You may use any other juice of choice for a different flavor, or blend fruit to make your own juice.