Healthy Cheesecake

Prep time: 10 minutes


blueberry_cheesecakeLooking for a fun way to get your children to eat hot cereal? Or maybe you are looking for a simple breakfast or supper treat that is healthy and not loaded with sugar? Want to find a cheesecake recipe that isn't as expensive? (many recipes call for 3 cups or more of cashews, or lots of tofu and that adds $$ really quickly!) I have good news for you. You have arrived! This is one of my favorite treats--mildly sweet and delicious, it's wonderful as a main dish for a fruit meal, or used as a delightful (not-too-sweet) dessert. The catch is to do a bit of planning in advance. I like to make it the day before to make sure it has plenty of time to cool and set up, but if you are going to serve it for supper, you can get away with making it first thing in the morning. I usually make it when I have extra fresh cooked millet or corn grits on hand and want to do something with it instead of just putting it in the refrigerator. The key is FRESHLY cooked and still hot. If it's cooled off and congealed, the cereal won't thicken much a second time and you will have soup instead of cheesecake! 

The topping in the picture, is blueberry pie filling, but you don't have to be fancy. You can put fresh fruit (or frozen or canned) down in your dish and pour the pudding mixture on top of the fruit in layers and let it set up that way. Or you can just put your favorite fresh fruit or fruit sauce on top after the pudding has set up. The sky is the limit! If you want blueberry pie filling, or strawberry-rhubarb pie filling, check out my recipes for those, too! Ready for a low-fat cheesecake? Let's go!


4 c
cooked millet (FRESHLY cooked and still hot!)
1 c
shredded coconut (or granola, grape nuts, etc. This is to sprinkle on bottom of your dish.)
1 3⁄4 c
apple juice (or pineapple juice)
1⁄3 c
dried pineapple (or 3 T. organic sugar)
1⁄2 c
cashews (or blanched almonds.)
2 t
vanilla flavor
1⁄8 t
lemon oil (optional)
2 pinch


COOK corn grits until very well cooked and creamy. (1 c. dry grits to 4 c. water and cooked for 1-2 hours will make just about the right amount for this recipe.)

SPRINKLE coconut or granola on bottom of 3 qt. pyrex dish.

BLEND half of the recipe at the time (you can do it all at once if you have a larger blender like a Vitamix) until completely smooth. (Check by rubbing it between your fingers to see if there is anything gritty left.) TIP: Use the handy feature on this recipe website to "HALVE" the recipe to help you with calculating ingredient amounts.

POUR evenly over bottom of dish.

QUICKLY blend second half of recipe and pour over the top. (If you take too long, the first layer will start setting up and your pudding will not hold together).

LET set in refrigerator for 1-2 hours before adding fruit sauce or pie filling. 

CHILL over night or at least 6-8 hours before serving.



I like to use crockpot millet (cooked overnight 1c. millet 4 c. water, 1t. salt). But sometimes I like to use corn grits instead! If using corn grits, you will need to increase the apple juice to 3 cups, because corn sets up much thicker than millet.