Vegetable Soups

 Vegetable soup is something we've been making a lot, partly because it's something you can put in the refrigerator and eat all week, and partly because we really like soup! I make a wide variety of soups--some thick and creamy, some more soupy, some with a white base, some with a tomato base. The nice thing is that it's hard to go wrong with soup! I just chop vegetables until my pot is full, pour boiling water over it, add my country style seasoning, and cook until vegetables are nearly tender. Then I scoop out a few cups of the soup water, blend it with whatever I wanted to use as a base, and pour it back in. Soup is ready to eat in less than an hour! 

So welcome to the vegetable soups! I'll try to include a number of different types of soup base recipes in here, and you can change or alternate the vegetables however you like! Enjoy!

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