Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce


Prep time
5 minutes
Cooking time
15 minutes
Total time
20 minutes


cranberry sauceWarning! If you are looking for a super-sweet jello that you can slice with a knife, this recipe is NOT for you! However, if you are looking for a healthy, flavorful, thick, chunky cranberry sauce that you can serve with a spoon--mildly sweet and has just a slight tang to it, you've come to the right place! This is a fast and quick recipe and you can serve it immediately or chill and serve the next day. It tastes great warm or cold and definitely adds amazing flavor to your holiday dinner!


24 oz
cranberries (two bags)
20 oz
crushed pineapple (one can)
1⁄4 t
salt (opt.)
1⁄4 t
lemon zest (opt.)


You could also experiment with fresh diced apple and a few tablespoons of water instead of the pineapple.

If this recipe isn't sweet enough for you, add a tablespoon of sweetener to taste.


COMBINE all ingredients into a kettle.
BRING to boil.
SIMMER on medium-low for 10 minutes, or until cranberries have burst open. 
MASH with potato masher.
SERVE warm or chill.
THICKENS as it cools.