Breaded "Unfried" Okra


Prep time
5 minutes
Cooking time
5 minutes
Total time
10 minutes


Ok. For those who don't like steamed okra, or just want some variety, there are other healthy and quick ways to fix it! Summer is just ending and we've been eating a lot of okra these past few weeks. We love it! 


okra (medium sized--sliced in 1/2 inch pieces)
1⁄4 c
corn flour (finely ground cornmeal)
1 t
Country Style Seasoning (see recipe--or you can use your favorite chicken seasoning or vegetable seasoning.)


I like to keep a jar of cornmeal/seasoning mixture in the freezer, so it's always ready to grab when I want to fix okra. Just measure 1 c. corn flour to 2 T. Country Style Seasoning. If your okra tastes too salty after the first use, add more corn flour to your container; if it needs more salt, add more Country Style Seasoning.  

You can bread the sliced okra and freeze for later use. If you bread and freeze raw okra, you will want to use it within 3-6 months. If you steam and blanch it before breading and freezing it, it will last at least a year. (See Freezing Vegetables Chart for instructions--under Food Preservation Category.)


PREHEAT cast-iron skillet to medium heat. (If the skillet is seasoned well and in good condition, you will need no oil. If not seasoned, you will need a light spray of pan spray seconds before adding the okra to keep it from sticking.)

WASH and slice okra in 1/2 inch pieces, throwing away the caps/stems. 

MIX cornmeal and seasoning in a small container.

POUR sliced okra into a plastic bag and sprinkle half of the cornmeal on it. 

SHAKE well. ADD more cornmeal if necessary to lightly dust the okra. 

POUR onto heated cast iron skillet and stir frequently until nicely browned (usually about 5 minutes).

MAY use lid during part of the cooking time to speed up the cooking process.

SERVE immediately.