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In a brick store-front on Main Street in the small, rural town of Whitley City, Kentucky, sits Kristina’s Kitchen. Nestled among the ridges and hollers of central Appalachia, the quaint coal town and rugged countryside attracts tourists, hikers, bikers, and kayakers from around the USA. McCreary county may be one of the poorest counties in the United States, and the only county in Kentucky with no incorporated town, but don’t discount the strength of its citizens. Their ingenuity, their loyalty to family and country, and their strong, independent spirit are reminiscent of the pioneers who built America. They are deeply religious, but because of the relatively low literacy rate, their understanding of the Bible and even basic health principles is limited.

In 2009, Kristina began teaching a simple monthly cooking class at a community center in Whitley City. The free class was well received, and soon grew to include a second monthly class in a nearby town. People loved the food, and began asking if they could buy it. Through a series of Divine providences, Kristina’s Kitchen opened as a bakery, vegetarian cafe, and health food store in the spring of 2014.

“A vegetarian restaurant won’t last 30 days in McCreary County” locals predicted. “If you don’t serve hamburgers, fries, and soft drinks, you’ll never make it!

Nevertheless, the past few years have been an exciting adventure. Prejudice is crumbling and opportunities are opening to build friendships, work with our community, and bring people to Christ. As one community leader aptly said, “Now you have become one of us, because you have a little struggling business on Main Street, just like the rest of us.”

Our goal is to maintain Kristina’s Kitchen as a center of influence in the heart of Appalachia. Here, the light of the Gospel can be shared through friendship and health ministry.

Apprenticeship Program

WANTED: Dedicated young people who are interested in learning how to use health ministry and friendship evangelism to reach underserved and unreached communities with the gospel of Christ and the three angels’ message.

Click here for more details about our apprenticeship program. Come and learn to use health and friendship evangelism to effectively reach your community for Christ.  

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As an associate member of OCI, we can accept tax-deductible contributions, whiche we will use to fund evangelism in our community, as well as sponsoring apprentices through our apprenticeship program. your contribution of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more can make the difference for eternity!

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