Kristina's Kollections

Here are some resources that we've develped. 


PDF Files

Simple Recipes for Strength and Stamina, copyright 2001. This is a collection of recipes that my mother and I put together as a homeschool project when I was in high school. 

Kristina in the Kitchen, copyright 2012. This is a collection of the first two years of our cooking class recipe handouts.

Simple Natural Remedies, copyright 2012. This is a collection of a few simple natural remedies you can do at home, using water, some herbs, and a few fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator.











Here are a few other resources that I've found helpful.


Forks over Knives website. They have an amazing movie, some wonderful books, a new cookbook that just came out, and a whole bunch of neat articles and resources! Like them on facebook and then you'll be notified when they post a new article or update.