Cooking with Veggies

Have you ever cooked your veggies, only to have them come out soggy and bland? Worry no more! Get out your trusty timer (and the timer is a must), and steam your veggies until perfectly done!

ArtichokesSteam whole artichokes25-40 min
AsparagusWhole spears5-7 min
AsparagusCut into 2-inch pieces4-7 min
Beans, greenWhole beans6-10 min
Beans, waxWhole beans6-10 min
Beets, medium to large sizedWhole, unpeeled beets scrubbed clean; peel off the skins after steaming30-50 min
Beet greensCleaned and coarsely chopped7-9 min
BroccoliTrimmed stalks5-7 min
BroccoliTrimmed stalks split in half or florets3-5 min
Brussels sproutsWhole, trimmed8-12 min
Brussels sproutsTrimmed and halved6-8 min
CabbageCut in wedges6-10 min
CarrotsCut into ¼-inch thick slices7-10 min
Carrots, babyWhole baby carrots10-12 min
CauliflowerFlorets5-6 min
Celery root
Cut into ¼-inch thick matchsticks5-7 min
Celery stalksCut into ½-inch thick slices4-9 min
Corn on the cobWhole, husks removed7-10 min
Daikon radishesPeeled and cut into chunks8-12 min
Chicory (endives)Cut in half lengthwise5-10 min
Fennel bulbsCut crosswise into ½-inch slices8-10 min
Jerusalem artichokes
Peeled or scrubbed; sliced5-8 min
Jerusalem artichokes
Whole tubers, peeled or scrubbed20-25 min
KaleTrimmed10-15 min
KohlrabiPeeled and cut into ½-inch cubes5-8 min
LeeksTrimmed, cut in half5-8 min
OkraFresh whole okra, trimmed4-5 min
Onions, pearlWhole onions, peeled8-10 min
ParsnipsPeeled and cut into ½-inch slices7-10 min
Peas, greenFresh, shelled peas2-4 min
Peas, sugar snapWhole pea pods, trimmed3-5 min
Potatoes, allPeeled or scrubbed clean, cut into ½-inch slices8-12 min
Potatoes, newWhole, scrubbed clean15-20 min
RadishesWhole radishes, trimmed7-14 min
ScallionsCut into ½-inch slices3-5 min
SpinachCleaned, whole leaves1-3 min
Squash, butternutPeeled and cut into 1-inch cubes5-8 min
TurnipsCut into 1/2-inch cubes8-12 min
Turnip greensCleaned and coarsely chopped4-6 min
Sweet potatoesCut into large chunks8-12 min
Swiss chardCoarsely chopped leaves3-5 min
ZucchiniCut into 1-inch slices3-5 min
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