Sprout Salad


Prep time
5 minutes
Cooking time
Total time
5 minutes


This is a fun salad or yummy sandwhich filling for pita pockets! Only one word of caution: make it just before serving and don't make enough for leftovers. The sprouts wilt quickly and it won't keep a second day. Oh, and one other word of caution--this salad is so yummy, I'm sure you won't have trouble eating it all! As a child, I did not like sprouts, but I LOVED sprout salad and would beg my mother to make it during the summer picnic season! If you are worried about leftovers, make a little sprout salad in each person's serving bowl! Have fun and enjoy!


1 qt
alfalfa sprouts (or your favorite sprouts--clover, sprouting mixes, etc.)
1⁄2 c
sunflower seeds (raw or roasted/salted)
2 c
celery (and/or favorite vegetables: onions, red pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, etc.)
2 c
frozen peas (rinse in warm water to thaw before using)
2 c
"Miracle" Mayonnaise (OR other favorite mayonnaise.)


You are not limited to the vegetables listed. As long as there are peas and sunflower seeds and sprouts and mayonnaise in it, it'll be good. The rest of the vegetables are toally optional--just for added color or flavor. 


POUR sprouts, vegetables, peas, and sunflower seeds into large mixing bowl.

ADD 1/2 the mayonnaise and mix.

ADD more mayonnaise as needed or desired.

SERVE immediately and enjoy!